• Organic Soil natural and clean
• Bio Compost ASSEA ®, from seaweed from the Greek sea.

Συσκευασία 1ton : 90x90x120, συσκευασια bigbag
Package 50L: Weight 26kg
Συσκευασία 12L : συσκευασια βάρους ~11kg


*Instructions for Professionals


Nitrogen (N) 0,3-1 %

Phosphorus (P) 0.1-1%

Potassium (K) 0.3-1 %

Calcium (Ca) 3-5 %

Magnesium (Mg) 0.5-1.5%


Copper (Cu) 10-20 ppm

Manganese (Mn) 400-800 ppm

Iron (Fe) 15000-25000 ppm

Zinc (Zn) 50-100 ppm

Boron (B) 50-100 ppm


Organic substance 10-20%

Conductivity 0.5-1.5 S/cm​

C:N 10-15​

PH 6-7​


Humidity 20-35%

Density 0.9-1.5kg/lt


•Modifies the pH of the soil.

• Facilitates the heating of the soil in the winter months.

•It is free from parasites and germs.

• Product against soil erosion and drying.

•Suitable for reforestation.

• Remediation of the soil.


•Replenishes the organic matter of the soil.

•Significantly increases water retention in the soil up to 6 times its weight.

• Avoiding contamination from manure and pest control.

•Avoid pollution of surface and underground water from the nitrates of chemical fertilizers.

Instructions for Application of Bio Soil ASSEA ®

  • Planting / Transplanting in a new pot/ Planter
    1. Put two (2) inches of gravel (or pieces of an old broken pot) at the base of the new pot for drainage.
    2. Add topsoil up to the middle.
    3. We turn the pots with the plant upside down and lightly tap the bottom so that the "ball" of soil from the pot gently falls into our hands. If there are rotten roots sticking out, remove them with scissors.
    4. Place the plant in the new pot, fill with Bio Soil ASSEA ® plant soil, press lightly with your fingers near the plant and water.
    5. Finally, on the surface, if desired, add a two (2) cm layer of Bio Soil ASSEA ® around the plant.
  • Sow in a pot/ Planter/ Flower bed
    1. Put two (2) fingers of gravel (or pieces of an old broken pot) at the base of the container for drainage.
    2. We fill the container in a ratio of 1:1, i.e. 1 part Bio Soil ASSEA ® topsoil, to 1 part river sand (optionally during sowing in combination with limited use of water-soluble organic nitrogen).
    3. Lightly press the topsoil with a board.
    4. Sow the seeds by hand evenly. The number of seeds depends on the size of the pot or planter and on the type of plant, which needs its space when it grows.
    5. Cover the seeds with topsoil about 1 cm thick, press lightly with a board and water.
    6. We keep the soil fresh by watering lightly at first and daily in a slightly warm environment.
    7. As soon as the new plants sprout, if necessary, we thin out, pulling them slightly.
  • Βιομηχανικές & Λοιπές Εφαρμογές

    It is also applied as a biofilter material for the absorption of unpleasant odors from industrial facilities with foul-smelling waste gases, ventilation in urban sewage treatment facilities, composting, mass animal husbandry, etc. In these cases doses of 1 ton of Bio Soil ASSEA ® per m2 of biofilter surface are recommended, every 4 years, for a waste gas quantity of 50-100 m3 per hour and per m2.

    It is also recommended as a soundproofing material for noise protection on highways near urban areas, etc.

  • Maintenance

    Seasonal plants: Not required.
    All-season plants: We recommend 3 times a year to spread a 3 cm layer of Bio Compost or Bio Soil ASSEA ® products on the surface with the very limited use of a biological nitrogen.